learn the basics and save money

We live in a rapidly evolving digital world, understanding digital marketing fundamentals is no longer optional. From the moment you get a business license, you get a barrage of calls and mail offering you the “number one position” on Google. Yes, even digital marketing professionals get the same offers, I get at least three calls a week offering to fix “your broken Google listing”. reporting Don’t get me wrong, your primary focus should be on your product or offering, what I mean is that you should at the very least be able to evaluate your reporting. Relying on powerpoint presentations for your website/app/social pages is not ideal. You should take the time to understand how your reporting works so your can log in, evaluate progress independently and develop questions based on the data. ‘Fly by night’ digital marketing agencies will be threatened by client access to reporting. Real professionals will walk you through the reporting and be thrilled at the opportunity to have you participate in the ensuing brainstorming session. follow your ad dollars All marketing campaigns are tethered to an ROI based Read More